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Courtesy: Texas Forestry Servce / TAMU

TX WILDFIRES HOTLINE -   You’ve no doubt have heard that California is battling a huge number of wildfires lately.  There’s been an uptick in fires in the Lone Star State too as the Texas A&M Forest Service  reveals on its Twitterfeed  that it has responded to 57 fires throughout the state over the last week.   In the wake of these fires, the Texas Advisory Council on Arson is reminding people about its hotline.   Mark Hanna is a spokesperson for the group.

Courtesy: TSTA

TEXAS TEACHER'S PAY - A study released this week finds more teachers in the Lone Star state are taking second jobs to supplement their income.  The Texas State Teachers Association, or TSTA, conducted the survey of nearly 1-thousand educators.   Four-in-ten said they needed second jobs to make ends meet.  TSTA president  Noel  Candelaria  expects thisnumber to grow.

Courtesy: La Dept of Health

LA MEDICAID AUDIT-  There’s been a series of critical reports recently about Louisiana’s $12 Billion dollar Medicaid program, several media reports have revealed  the  Louisiana State Legislative Auditors Office has discovered hundreds of millions of dollars of Medicaid claims that suggest potential  fraud  since managed care was put in place in 2012 during Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration.  These audits were the topic of the Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee’s hearing Wednesday.    Republican Senator Fred Mills, of Parks, La.

Courtesy: La. House of Representatives

WOMEN IN POLITICS -  More women are running for political office in the United States than ever before.  But–according to data from the National Conference of State Legislatures, Women make up about 15% of Louisiana’s State Legislature. That’s the third lowest percentage in the country. And when it comes to promoting policies that affect children and families… women legislators are more likely to champion those causes than their male counterparts.

Courtesy: Texas Shrimp Association.

TEXAS SHRIMP SEASON:  And if you like to eat shrimp…this story may interest you.   It’s two weeks in the Shrimp Season  and  Texas shrimpers are dealing with another worker shortage.   Last year about 20% of the Texas Shrimp fleet stayed in Port from a lack of workers.   Andrea Hance is Executive Director of the Texas Shrimp Association based in Brownsville.  She told The Texas Standard  that  about 8 to 10 percent of the state’s shrimp boats are still tied up at docks.