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Courtesy: Texas Forestry Servce / TAMU

TX WILDFIRES HOTLINE -   You’ve no doubt have heard that California is battling a huge number of wildfires lately.  There’s been an uptick in fires in the Lone Star State too as the Texas A&M Forest Service  reveals on its Twitterfeed  that it has responded to 57 fires throughout the state over the last week.   In the wake of these fires, the Texas Advisory Council on Arson is reminding people about its hotline.   Mark Hanna is a spokesperson for the group.

Courtesy: TSTA

TEXAS TEACHER'S PAY - A study released this week finds more teachers in the Lone Star state are taking second jobs to supplement their income.  The Texas State Teachers Association, or TSTA, conducted the survey of nearly 1-thousand educators.   Four-in-ten said they needed second jobs to make ends meet.  TSTA president  Noel  Candelaria  expects thisnumber to grow.